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Our Story

It started with a phone call.

It was around 6:15p.m. PST.  Nick and Kymm, long time friends wound up at a vibrant local Cuban eatery and watering hole in Oakland in the winter of 2015. 

A Friday, Nick had a great day at work. And with a productive day in the books, randomly, he had phoned Kymm as he was leaving his own job to say, “Hey, what’s up my man? How’s it going? What are you up to? Want to link up later?” 

Kymm, in an unusually slow and surprisingly sad tone (very much unlike him) responded, “Man, you aren’t going to believe this, but I just lost my gig...they laid me off. Feeling like crap. (10 years of experience ) I gave to this company man..and they laid me off!” 

With this news, Nick shares that he’s unwinding at a popular local eatery and suggests that Kymm come down by Lake Merritt in Oakland to plug into the festive scene and nurse what was now appearing to be an abrupt wound of life. “The music is amazing, Kymm, come through! They got the Parliament Funkadelic on a loop!!”, Nick excitedly exclaims.

Like good friends often do when challenging times converge at the door, Nick thought a visit with good people and a golden chicken empenda, and a beverage or two would help temporarily heal this most recent wound of losing the lifeline that was Kymm’s former job. 

And so...they meet.

Upon Kymm’s arrival, multiple people had already assembled at this popular spot in Oakland’s Lakeshore area. Seeking out his good friend, with wide and inquisitive eyes streamlined toward a good friend, Kymm waded his way through the crowd at the door and eventually was waved in by the owner who knew Kymm affectionately and loved having Kymm at the spot (as he was well known, with an infectious positive spirit, for making any scene in the Town more lively.) 

In his current mood, Kymm was becoming increasingly melancholy and Kymm and Nick became quickly disinterested in the loud music and the incessant waving at the server for attention so that he and Nick could order something from off of the menu. The server was clearly overwhelmed by the increasingly crowded happy hour scene that was beginning to develop, as were Kymm and Nick; still standing by the hostess table, they were trying to find one of the few tables and dialogue with one another about what was clearly a pressing challenge for Kymm. A table on the patio would have been perfect, they agreed.

     Ordinarily, Kymm, (ALWAYS the life of the party), would not have minded the festive atmosphere and likely would have been snappy with musical fingers and a bobbed head to a George Clinton track, while making quick friends with a server or other patrons; today, however, was quite different. 

Kymm was laid off

As was Nick’s way of engaging with friends and family, he worked in that moment to show a measure of empathy and for a moment in time, diverted Kymm’s attention away from the doldrum of him having lost his job, even to the point of waving his hands in front of Kymm’s dismissive face that was in a sort of trance. Kymm finally put his head up momentarily to hear Nick out. Kymm noticed that his whole head felt like it weighed a thousand pounds in that moment.

With a heavy head and heart, stony eyes staring off into the abyss, all Kymm could imagine in that moment was: How will I move forward? How will I pay my bills and provide for my kids? Why did they lay me off when they had other options? Why ME?...all questions swirling around in Kymm’s heavy mind as he sat in the pastel colored turquoise seat at the local, popular Cuban eatery filled with an array of beautifully attired professional people. 

The food and beverages eventually arrived at the table. While looking down at his plate and shaking the stale hot sauce bottle onto his golden empanada, Nick says to Kymm, “Hey man...you’re gonna be alright. In life, sometimes we simply can’t avoid these kinds of challenges and the reality is, CHANGE is inevitable. It’s all in how we choose to view things. But I need to know...you’re COOL right? You’ll get back on track? Know that you’re the man……..and I gotchu homie!”

Kymm responds, “You know what Nick, you’re right. I’m good. I ain’t even mad at it. Thanks for that! [after a long pause]: You know what?”

     Nick says, “What?”
     Kymm exclaims: “It’s all good my Brother. You know why?” 
     Because Nick... Everybody is COOL!


An idea, from time immemorial, a simple contemporary statement, resurfaced in that moment. It was in that moment that an epiphany happened for Kymm and Nick and a transformation into an entirely different way of looking at our world; a way of looking at life’s challenges. Re-emerging in a small eatery in Oakland, California.

Unbeknownst to them at the time, Kymm and Nick had manifested an idea which would ultimately allow them to cultivate a message of peace, bring this same message to the local marketplace, while building an international movement to help solve some of the world’s most pressing challenges.

This movement is named: 




Everybody’s Cool, regardless of the silly “isms” that keep us apart.  Your race, creed, religion, sexuality, gender and/or abilities are simple concept promotes an atmosphere of peace and acceptance, leading to a reduction of harmful hatred, which ultimately leads to non-violent, productive, and caring communities.


Everybody’s Cool is a catalyst for World Peace. We believe that each of us can choose what we think, how we feel and ultimately how we act towards one another.  Honestly, some of the ways we’ve been processed and programmed to feel needs to be unlearned. While deprogramming our own personal bias will not be easy, we agree to accept and respect our differences.  With good thoughts, we produce harmonious living and peace.  We believe our thoughts, feelings and actions will transform our cultures and eventually our world, one believer at time.  I’m in.  We need you!

Statement of Purposeful Authority

  1. Everybody’s Cool doesn’t mean we look the other way when evil is in action. 
  2. Everybody’s Cool does not mean that we are oblivious to the fact that some people, some institutions and some organizations are evil and have wicked intentions. 
  3. Everybody’s Cool doesn’t mean that we don’t see injustices, hatred, racism, sexism, and all the other divisive “isms”.
  4. Everybody’s Cool means that I am a part of a growing and committed network of people, who in the face of evil, will stand for good. 
  5. Everybody’s Cool does not mean I am passive. 

In fact, Everybody’s Cool gives me the knowledge, passion and community of believers to be aggressive about creating justice in places where injustices currently abide. 

Everybody’s Cool means that I am trying, to the best of my ability, to give each person I encounter the opportunity to demonstrate on what side of justice they stand.  I am learning to give everyone, individually, the benefit of the doubt.  I believe most us mean well for each other. 

However, if you so choose to disrespect my humanity or that of my brother or my sister, Everybody’s Cool also empowers me to defend justice, defend youth, defend seniors, defend my community and to defend myself.   

Everybody’s Cool is a network of peace.  We are not coming for you.  We mean you no harm.  With that, we expect no harm.  It’s a lot of us, and we are determined.  Peace is forthcoming.  Please, be COOL.  

Everybody’s Cool: Humanity First

A United Network of EVERYBODY willing, doing good for anybody that needs our assistance. Join us!  There’s a great work to be done.